If you’d like to present at ORMATYC 2018, first off….THANK YOU! As Stefan says, without presenters, ORMATYC’s just a weekend at the beach.

When you’re done, don’t forget to head over to the registration page to register yo bad self (or selves)!


Below are links to materials provided by Presenters at the 2017 ORMATYC Conference.  Thank you for sharing (both at the conference and here)!

(Alphabetized by Lead Presenter)

Mark Clark (;)
Fun Activities to Meet the Challenges of Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Students

Jessica Giglio (, Kathy Smith
College Math Courses in our High Schools: The Dual Credit Discussion Continue

Jack Green (, Nick Chura
The Future of Online Textbooks

Carolyn Hamilton (
Start Small, Dream Big: Math Placement, Student Success, and Retention Research

Jeffrey C. Hayen (
Practical and Efficient Evaluation of Inverse Functions

Carrie Kyser (; Kelly Mercer (
MTH 098 OER materials
MTH 098 implementation Round table notes

Gary Parker (
Open Education Resources Workshop
Exploring Fraction Addition Patterns with Number Theory

Bret Rickman (
Simulation-Based Inference for Learning – Implementation in the Statistics Classroom

Dave Sobecki (
Tales From the Front Lines: One Guy’s Thoughts on Teaching in a Collaborative Environment

Toby Wagner (
From $140 to $28: Taking an 80% Bite out of Textbook Costs

Ralf Youtz (
Primed to Help Students Succeed: Reflections on OER Adoption