ORegon Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges


2014 ORMATYC Two-Year College Mathematics Conference

Call for Presenters and Facilitators

April 24-26, 2014

Inn at Spanish Head Resort Hotel
Lincoln City, Oregon

For room reservations, call 1-800-452-8127; mention ORMATYC

If you are interested in presenting a session or leading a discussion group at this year's conference, then please complete the following form by March 8, 2014

This form will be automatically sent to , Jerry Kissick Program Committee contact, after you click "Continue" at the end. You will also receive an e-mail copy confirming the process has been successful. Presenters who wish to attend the conference will need to complete a Conference Registration form in addition to their Presenter Application.

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Basic Mathematics, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra/Precalculus, Math for Elementary Teachers, Technical Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Technology, Textbook Selection, Cooperative Learning, Distance Learning, Alternative Assessment, Online classes, etc.

II. Description & Needs

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